Bucket Buddies — reach your life goals together

How does it work?



Organise your aspirations into achievable goals.
Prioritise for now or later.
What is top of your list?



Get together

Connect with like minds around a shared goal.
From your network & beyond.
 Online & offline.
Discover the dreams you share!



Plan, do, then… celebrate!
Help others.
Sharing is the only true currency!



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Think you know what a bucket list is? Think again…

Think you know what a bucket list is? Think again…

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It’s never too late to procrastinate!

It’s never too late to procrastinate!

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Harnessing hope and gunning for greatness!

Harnessing hope and gunning for greatness!

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Motivate, manage and map out your priorities in life!

Motivate, manage and map out your priorities in life!

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Why Bucket Buddies?


Your Goals

Easiest way to manage a Bucket List of aspirational life goals.
For the small things to the big dream.
For you and all your passions.

Your Community

Share aspirations with friends.
Share energy with like minds.
Make your goals happen!

Bucket Buddies will provide you with the Inspiration, Motivation and Knowledge to fulfil your goals


Bucket Buddy Builder



What started as a fight over the last hire bike in a Costa Rican village turned into great friendship and discovery. Feeding off our passion for exploring, collective knowledge and shared world views, our solo experiences amplified into a shared adventure. We struggled through jungle, alive with sound & sweat (where this pic was taken) to a deserted beach owned only by magnificent coastal creatures. A prehistoric secret unlocked by new friends. Inspired by the connections and experience, it got me thinking – how can we make these coincidences our own design?There was no easy way to see which aspirations I share with each friend. Or if folks with a shared interest have something more in common. This is where Bucket Buddies comes in. Finding the right people to share a passion with can take time.. So we came up with some scientific.. stuff to match people together.

  • Inspiration 65%
  • Motivation 87%
  • Social fun 54%
  • Knowledge 94%
  • Support 33%
  • Accountablity 68%
  • Helping others 47%










Personal growth



Family & Friends





Money management












Nice things

I like the ease with which you can connect with like-minded individuals.


I think it’s a great way to connect with friends and others who have the same aspirations as you, and it could mean the dreams you thought would never come true, will come true!


I like that with Bucket Buddies you can list your aspiration’s and start getting organized in achieving them, be inspired by discovering new aspiration’s and being able to connect with others.